Love the products, not the spokespersons

Apple enthusiast John Gruber:

The actual larger truth — underage workers, unsafe conditions, grueling hours, crowded dormitories — are all real problems, and all deserve our attention. But that’s exactly what Apple itself has been saying for five years. It’s also what journalists from the Times to ABC Nightline have been reporting for years.

True, Apple has been putting out Supplier Responsibility report for five years. Show of hands: how many people watched the new iPad presentation? how many people read any of the previous Supplier Responsibility reports? Or, take another measure: how many posts were there on these issues on Daring Fireball before?

Apple deserves credit for acknowledging these issues. But let’s not pretend they’ve been working to make them known. Again, let’s shame Mike Daisey plenty, but let’s not absolve Apple of blame.

2 years ago